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The Australian Police Ski Federation Inc is an incorporated sporting body, regulated by Rules and administered by an elected committee, which is responsible for the business of the Australian Police Ski Federation Inc and the organisation, administration and operation of the “Australian Police Winter Games”.

The Rules provide that an Annual General Meeting shall be conducted. This is usually undertaken during the period that the games are held. For further information about the meeting, visit the A. G. M. page…

The elected representatives for the 2019-20 APSF Committee are…

(Due to the sensitive nature of some committee members Law Enforcement Duties, their identities are protected…and also, they are not very attractive.)

  • Mike – South Australia
    Mike – South AustraliaTreasurerOur Treasurer is better known as "Dad" yep he takes a fatherly approach to all whilst drinking red wine. His main task is keeping the committee on track. In his spare time conducts the camp quality auction. You will see him around the place, he's easy to pick - he's the old guy with no hair and a glass of red in his hand. If you want to get in his good books make sure you top up his wine glass
  • Garry – NSW
    Garry – NSWPresidentThe President's role is to get the committee in tune and to focus on organising the games. He is responsible for organising sponsorship and publicity, the coordinating of the photography during the games, and to liase with members of all teams competing in the games. He is a Scorpio who likes water sports and his favourite colour is red. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have any enquiries.
    • Sean (Netto) NSW
      Sean (Netto) NSWSecretaryThe secretary's job is the same as most - get coffee for the rest of the committee! Seriously, the secretary will manage all the corro for the APSF and APWG. If you want anything on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting then you better write to the secretary! He is also the websites administrator. Committee nickname : "Netto"
    • Mark (Saurus) – NSW
      Mark (Saurus) – NSWRace CoordinatorIf you want to win a medal be nice to this bloke. He decides what category you race in and who gets what medal. The Race Co-Ordinator looks after the organisation of the races, the timing and the correlation of the results. He doesn't have time to have fun during the race week - so be nice and buy him a drink… Committee nickname : "Saurus"
    • Australian Ski Federation
      Australian Ski Federation
      • Luke – ACT
        Luke – ACTVice PresidentOur newest APSF Committee Member and our fastest.  Luke is an accomplished ski racer and instructor having skied and worked all around the world.
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