Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compete in the APWG?
Have a look at the packages on offer in the 'Packages' page and work out what you want. Then, use the 'On-line Registration' form to register for the APWG. Use one (1) On Line Registration per person. Make sure all your details are correct, especially your e-mail and phone contact details. Just putting in a address or PO Box with no other way that we can contact you will mean that your registration will not be accepted. You will then be asked to pay for your booking or you may pay initial deposit fee of $500 (DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME AS REFERENCE). If you choose to pay a deposit the balance will become due one month prior to the games. Then on the Sunday afternoon of the games you attend the venue to complete the registration process for the APWG. After that, let the Games begin!!!
Are there any other types of activities during the week?
Yes, there are numerous social events being planned. These include a fancy dress night, a charity auction, a formal dinner presentation and other events all through the week to keep us entertained. They will be advised during the week.
What events are in the competition?
There is the Giant Slalom for both downhill ski and snowboard. There is Slalom for the downhill skiers only. There is also the Boarder and Downhill Skier Cross.
I am a first time or beginner skier, how can I compete?
There is a seeding race which is set on a course that everyone can safely negotiate which attracts no points or medals, but does afford the race committee the opportunity to determine your ability and whether you are a B Grade, A Grade, or Open division level competitor. If you are classified as a B Grade skier, then your course is set differently to the A and Open Grades courses.
Do I have to race?
No it is not a pre-requisite that you compete, but, it is encouraged and the courses are set with safety paramount. There are 3 levels of racing and some of our competitors have never seen snow before. It's all about joining in and having fun.
How Much Does it cost?
Package prices are advertised on the packages Page and on the registration form. Remember you must put your name in as a reference when paying your deposit.
Am I eligible to attend and compete in the Games?
You need to be a Australian Police Officer or former Police Officer, or a invited guest of a Police Officer or former Police Officer who is attending this years games.
Am I obliged to stay at the venue provided by the APSF?
No you are not obliged to stay at the supplied venue. If you choose to stay elsewhere but wish to compete in the Games, you will be required to pay the Race Entry and APSF Membership Fee's. You will need to contact us to see what arrangements we can make for you.
Where do I stay during the Games?
Accommodation packages are listed on the Packages page and on the Registration form. The 2015 Winter Games are being held at Falls Creek Victoria.  Accommodation is at Cooroona Lodge Falls Creek.
Where are the Games Being Held?
Due to popular demand The 2015 Winter Games are to be held at Falls Creek in Victoria.
When are the Games?
The APWG are held in August of each year. The 2016 games will be held from 31st July - 5th August 2016.
There is a question that I have which has not been answered here, who do I contact for more information?
Click on the ''Contact Us'' link on the front page and send your question via e-mail. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can. If you have a specific question of a member of the committee, then click on the Contact Information email for that member.
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